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Your smile is like a gorgeous house. Your sparkling white teeth are the beautiful architecture that everyone sees while your gums are the foundation supporting the building. If the foundation is not in sound condition, it can’t support the house. If your gums are not healthy they won’t do their job of holding all your teeth in place. Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. As a premier dentist in South Huntington, Dr. Joseph I. Ayoub, of Dentistry by Design, offers the latest in periodontal therapy to keep your gums happy and healthy so they can go on supporting your amazing smile.

Dentist in South Huntington

Who doesn’t want a smile lined with sparkling white teeth? A dazzling smile to turn heads and impress is a wonderful asset but it’s important not to neglect the health of your gums. Gingivitis is the first stage of periodontal disease that occurs when bacteria accumulates along and underneath the gum lines. If allowed to progress further, it turns into a more serious infection known as periodontitis with tooth loss being the ultimate outcome. As an award-winning dentist in South Huntington, Dr. Joseph I. Ayoub offers the most innovative periodontal treatments available in dentistry to ensure gum disease is stopped in its tracks. For cases of gingivitis, Dr. Ayoub typically recommends a more dedicated at-home dental health regimen in complement with additional professional cleanings. For cases that have progressed further, we may recommend scaling and root planning or employ antibiotic medication such as Arestin for those who need it.

If you want the health of your gums evaluated, or most importantly – if you are experiencing symptoms of gum disease – give Dentistry by Design, your dentist in South Huntington a call today. We’ve helped countless patients maintain optimal levels of oral health and we’re confident we can do the same for you. Call to schedule an appointment.


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